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My background

  Jim Stull is the whale that's known throughout the world as the golden goose of building businesses. He has built several multi-million dollar businesses. Jim has a history of helping individuals on his team achieve the success of their dreams. Jim has opened the Las Vegas area for Tavala.  Terispaulding.vcardinfo.com  

How I got started


Tavala came together with an Executive Team that has decades of experience in business and the direct sales industry. This group saw a big opportunity in a problem that is seen too often among network marketing companies.

The problem with many direct sales companies is having to sell overpriced products that don't fill a real need for the end consumer. They struggle to make great products that have an appeal (aside from commission) to both member and their Customer.

We believed there could be a better way to do business...a better and unique way to participate in a direct sales company today.
Tavala is the direct sales subscription box company who offers unique, consumable products that are good for your body, both inside and out. A personalized subscription box where you choose the products, the price point, and how often you receive them.

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At Tavala, we believe in practicing honesty and integrity in our business and our lives. We like to work hard and have fun.

We want all of our Members and Customers to feel like they are a part of the Tavala family.

Our goal is to deliver a great experience and real value to the end consumer.

We promise great products at the best prices we can give and a personalized experience for all who join.

If you would like to not only improve your health but  generate wealth at the same time, contact us today! 

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Visit our Tavala page at http://tavala.biz/terijspaulding/

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What We're About

 A quick video about who we are and what we do at Tavala. You should join us today! http://tavala.biz/terijspaulding/

Your Weight Loss Solution

 Tavala Trim is our flagship product that helps with weight loss, energy, focus and metabolism and is sold as both a drink and capsule.

For more information visit  http://tavala.biz/terijspaulding/

Quantum Relief Strips

 Silk strips infused with Quantum Energy that balance the body's energy, reduces discomfort, naturally provides relief and stimulates key pressure points. Next-gen technology coupled with ancient wisdom.  



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